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Co-operative Society.


The annual meeting of the Harvard Co-operative Society was held in Sever Hall last evening with a thin attendance. Professor Taussig presided and reported that the directors advised making the annual dividend one-tenth less than two-thirds of the profits instead of a full two-thirds as at present. The reason of this is that the society's business is far out of proportion to its capital and the latter ought to be increased. The amount subtracted from the dividend will be added to the capital. This proposal was adopted. The constitution was then changed so as to abolish the office of treasurer, whose duties had become entirely a matter of form, and to add to the board of directors another member from the university at large. The following officers were then elected: President, Professor F. W. Taussig; secretary, T. W. Lamont, '92; board of directors, from the faculty, Professor A. B. Hart; from the university at large, Mr. M. Chamberlain, Dr. M. H. Morgan; from the Law School, J. A. Bailey, J. Holliday; from '91, H. A. Davis; from '92, J. C. Hubbard; from '93, C. H. Slade; from '94, L. Heckscher. The treasurer's report, comparing the business of 1888-89 with that of 1889-90 was presented as follows:

Business for the year 1888-89, $68,976 12

Business for the year 1889-90, $66,521 94

Net profits for 1888-89, $3,231 00

Net profits for 1889-90, $3,409 33

Dividend for 1888-89, $1.723 08

Dividend for 1889-90, $2,045 60

Addition to capital 1888-89 $1 077 00

Addition to capital 1889-90 $1,363 73

Capital at end of year 1889 $4.714 81

Capital at end of year 1880 $5,851 25

Business to Nov. 8, 1889 $22,291 09

Business to Nov. 8, 1890 $24,905 57

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