Commencement Parts.

The provisional assignment of commencement parts has been made. The usual division into men entitled to dissertations, and those to disquisitions has not been carried out, and all are grouped together alphabetically. The list is as follows:

R. W. Atkinson, J. A. Avery,

H. H. Baker, R. S. Barlow,

J. H. Barnes, A. W. Barron,

H. F. Berry, M. L. Black,

C. A. Blake, J. A. Blanchard,

C. C. Blaney, B. Bowman,

S. C. Brackett, C. N. Brown,

F. W. Burlingham, A. C. Burr,

G. D. Bussey, W. M. Canno, n

T. Chamberlain, F. D. Chester,

J. H. Chittenden, F. W. Coburn,

E. A. Codman, H. I. Cummings,

J. Cummings, C. B. Darling,

H. A. Davis, F. P. Denny,

C. R. Detrick, A. W. Dudley,