Groton 20; St. Marks 6.

The annual game between St. Marks and Groton was played Saturday at Lancaster and resulted in a victory for Groton. Groton's chief gains were made around the ends with the help of good body checking, while St. Marks gained most through the centre.

In the first half Groton scored two touch-downs by Stebbins and Rawle, off one of which a goal was kicked. For St. Marks, in this half, Dyer made a touch-down and kicked a goal.

Groton scored two touch-downs in the second half by Stebbins and Barrett. One of the goals was kicked.

For Groton, Emmons, Stebbins and Rawle played best, while for St. Marks Dyer, Barber and Kidder did well. The teams played as follows:

Groton-Rushers, Rodman, Barrett, Wheatland, Webb, Cross, Emmons, Capt, Thayer; quarter-back, Chauncey; half-backs, Gray, Stebbins; full-back, Rawle.


St. Marks-Rushers, Batchelder, Worden, Walch, Caswell, Kidder, Davis, Fairbanks; quarter-back, Barber; half backs, Dyer, Kidder; full-back, Crossman.