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During the past year 162,687 volumes were added to the college libraries in this country.

The New London Board of Trade has appointed a committee of four to confer with the Yale and Harvard navies.

The name of J. A. Parker '91, was omitted from the list of those provisionally entitled to a commencement part.

President Eliot spoke at the annual dinner of the Chamber of Commerce in New York Tuesday evening. Other speakers were Cleveland and Depew.

All tickets for the Harvard side of the field at Saturday's game were sold out at 7.15 last evening. Three thousand tickets have been sold in all.


The Yale Sheffield junior class has elected the following officers: President, C. S. Towle; Vice President, E. L. Whittemore; Secretary and Treasurer, J. G. Sprague.

The second prize in the doubles in the college tennis championship series was was won by Brooks '91, and J. A. Parker '91. The scores were versus Orcutt and Potter, 6-2, 6-1; versus Reinelander and Dinsmore, 6-3, 1-6, 6-1.

The championship foot ball game between the Wesleyan and University of Pennsylvania elevens, which was to have been played at Eastern Park, Nov. 26, will probably take place at Washington Park, Brooklyn instead. It was decided by the Eastern Park management not to take any chances of having the grounds cut up before the Yale-Princeton kickers appear on Thanksgiving Day.