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Harvard Union.


Yesterday evening in Sever 11 the Harvard Union held its regular debate.

Question: Resolved, That Reciprocity is a wise and constitutional measure for encouraging commercial expansion. The principal disputants of the affirmative were H. E. Grigor, Sp., and L. Hall '92; for the negative, A. B. Keeler '94, and D. H. Wingert, Sp.

Few arguments of any weight were advanced by either side and the debate as it progressed degenerated into personalities. After the principal disputants had spoken R. L. O'Brien followed with a humorous analogy, "Publius Maximus and his Emaciated Horse. The rest of the evening was spent in discussing this simile.

Vote on merits of question, affirmative 42, negative 7; vote on merits of principal disputants affirmative 43, negative 26; vote on merits of debate, as a whole; affirmative 13, negative 2.

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