Anthropology Dept. Forms Eight Committees in Response to Harassment and Gender Bias Concerns


Harvard Cancels Summer 2021 Study Abroad Programming


UC Showcases Project Shedding Light on How Harvard Uses Student Data


Four Bank Robberies Strike Cambridge in Three Weeks


After a Rocky Year, Harvard Faces an Uncertain Economic Climate in 2021, Hollister Says

Fact and Rumor.


Marks in History 11 are out.

The Co-operative will be closed tomorrow.

Marks in Geology 4 will probably be out today.

John's cart is decked out with crimson H's and rooster.

Political Economy 1 will begin to day to meet in sections.

Sherwin will probably play with the freshman eleven today.

The next issue of the DAILY CRIMSON will be Friday morning.

It was announced yesterday that there would be no lecture in Fine Arts 3 on Saturday.

Dr. Tarbell has given out the same lesson in Latin 4 for Saturday as was assigned for last Saturday.

L. F. Berry '92, has been chosen treasurer of the Glee Club in place of H. R. Wadleigh '92, resigned.

Harry Beecher, the famous Yale quarter-back, will sail for Europe next Saturday.

Barnard College, the Columbia Annex, is a year old and has 45 female students.

Instead of the regular recitation in French 8 yesterday, Professor Cohn read some of Voltaire's poetry.

There will be no hare and hounds run this week as the B. A. A. has a cross country run on Thanksgiving day.

Instead of Professor Wedell's lecture yesterday in English B Mr. Gates read specimens of the third theme.

Professor Norton said a few words yesterday before beginning the lecture in Fine Arts 3 about the victory over Yale.

It is stated that a member of the athletic committee says that the character of the playing in the game Saturday and the action of the body of students in the celebration Monday night has done more to raise the position of Harvard athletics in the opinion of the faculty than almost anything else could possibly have done.

The freshman team practiced yesterday afternoon against a scrub eleven consisting of Greenough, Garrison, White, Hoag and Burgess, backs; Quigley, quarter-back; Clark, Stickney, Beals, Bond, McDaniel, Williams, Ladd, rushers. The freshman cleven had Corbett, Shea, Newell and Shaw, but for all that the scrub eleven kept scoring. Other men on the freshman team were Waters, Saltonstall, Mackie, Wrenn, rushers; Cabot, quarter-back, Borden, Stone, backs.

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