Annual Report Finds Harvard Kennedy School Faculty Remains Largely White, Male


Harvard Square Celebrates Oktoberfest


Harvard Corporation Members Donated Big to Democrats in 2020 Elections


City Council Candidates Propose Strategies for Supporting Low-Income Residents at Virtual Forum


FAS Dean Gay Hopes to Update Affiliates on Ethnic Studies Search by Semester’s End

Fact and Rumor.


The Yale freshman is called a "semi-serf" by the Lit.

Yale has a dozen candidates for the tug-of-war team.

Cornell will shortly put "A Russian Honeymoon" on the stage.

The Princeton curriculum has lately been very materially changed.

Professor Summer of Yale is delivering lectures there on Socialism.

There will be an important meeting of the CRIMSON board to-day at 1.45.

The Cornell Mock Congress is now discussing reforms of the civil service.

The Acta Columbiana devotes a column and a half to the Harvard 'varsity crew.

The rowing seats which are now used by the class crews are very much out of order.

The students in German 3 will be allowed to take lexicons to the examination.

The date for the next sophomore theme has been postponed from Feb. 18 to 25.

By mistake the notice of the Semitic seminar to night was published in Saturday's issue.

The introductory scheme of work for the ensuing half year in English 5 will be due February 17.

Principal Bragdon of Lasell has forbidden the young ladies of that institution to chew gum, under penalty of expulsion.

Columbia has eleven candidates in training for the 'varsity crew, seven of whom are juniors, and fourteen men for the freshman crew.

Those interested in the improvements in the marking system will find a valuable article on the Yale marking customs in Thursday's Tribune.

On the authority of R. J. Burdette, there is another member of Semetic family of languages - Gum Arabic, the dialect of the toothless sons of the great desert. - Ex.

Miss Alice R. Jordan, who has created considerable excitement by being the first woman to enter the Yale Law School, has left New Haven, as it would be impossible for her to obtain a degree there.

The attendance at the recent meeting of the H. T. A. L. was unusually large. J. H. Gray, '87 was elected president to fill the vacancy made by the resignation of A. H. Lloyd. A committee was appointed to engage some speakers for the public meetings in the spring.

The class of '86 at Princeton has passed the following resolutions in regard to hazing: Whereas: "We recognize in hazing a practice which is confined to a few men in one class and which the best sentiment of the college condemns, therefore.

Resolved, That we, the members of the class of '86, declare it to be the sentiment of this class that all forms of personal violence to entering classes should in the future be refrained from, and we request the other classes in college to join us in the attempt to suppress this evil."

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