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Fact and Rumor.


The President's report is again ready for distribution.

Harvard won only one event at the Technology meeting Saturday.

The outlook for sparring at the Winter meetings is especially good.

John Balch and G. B. Painter, Jr. are the stewards of the H. A. A. from '89.

Jones, '88, has altered his decision in regard to not playing base-ball this year.

This week Prof. Macvane will give out subjects for special papers in History 12.

Prof. Macvane gave out subjects connected with his work for forensic theses Saturday morning.

The '86 tug-of-war team did not pull at the Tech. games on Saturday, as it was refused entry.

The maps and diagrams made by the members of History 13 have been handed in and add a great deal to the interest taken in the course.

Grew, '89 made a plucky fight Saturday against Williams the remarkable feather-weight sparrer.

A story entitled "My Compact with the Dead" by A. M. Cummings, appeared in Saturday's Record.

By an oversight, the names of H. L. Clark and F. S. Coolidge were omitted from the Pudding list printed in Saturday's paper.

The annual conference of the Inter-collegiate Y. M. C. A. was held at Brown, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 26, 27 and 28. Over 25 Harvard men were in attendance at the meetings.

The following books will be used in French during this half-year: Marroussia by Stahl, Marianne, by George Sand, Audromague by Racine, Horace by Corneille, L'Avare, by Moliere. Second book of La Fontaine's fables.

The committee consisting of Professor Palmer, Mr. Wendell, Messrs. Furber, Vogel and Garrison, appointed to draft the subject of a course in Elementary Law for discussion by the Conference Committee, meet to-day at 18 Grays.

The Harvard men who contested at the Tech. games Saturday were: T. H. Shepard, Sp.; C. O. Lander, '86; '88 tug of-war team; D. B. Chamberlain, '86; P. R. Forthingham, '86; E. Grew, '89; G. M. Ashe, '87; W. H. Paine, L. S.; W. Austin '87; and J. W. Appleton, '88.

The 11th annual meet of the Inter-collegiate Athletic Association took place at N. Y. Saturday. Randolf Feries of the University of Pennsylvania was elected president; A. W. McCormick of Lafayette College, vice-president; Frederick A. Ware of Columbia College, secretary; Dr. E. Clapp of Lehigh College, treasurer; Edward J. Wendell of Harvard and William Manic of Columbia, members of the executive committee. The University of Vermont was admitted to membership. The choice of place for next annual games and the question of employing a professional starter of proved integrity and ability were referred to the executive committee. The majority, however, inclined to the Manhattan Athletic grounds in this city and May 29 the date. Messrs. Mapes and Force were appointed to attend the meeting of the Amateur Athletic Association.

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