Fact and Rumor.

There will be a cut in Geology 4 today.

Crane '90, kicked 6 goals for the B. A. A. in their game with the New York Athletic Club.

Students in English 7 must have read parts of the Spectator before next Wednesday.

The intercollegiate cup for the tennis championship is on exhibition at Leavitt and Pierce's.

W. M. Fullerton '86, has an article in the September number of the Nineteenth Century on Bion of Smyrna.


Some of the men in Philosophy 14 visited the Asylum for the Blind, under Mr. Peabody, Tuesday afternoon.

There were 166 entries for the fall handicap games at St. Paul's School, four of the school records being broken.

Students in French 8 will hereafter be required to hand in a written list of the outside reading done during the week.

Mr. Hurlburt will be at 21 Hollis on Tuesday afternoons and on Saturdays from 10 to 12 confer with men in English B.

The last opportunity to hand in the books in English 2 will be on Friday. The examination will probably be held next Monday.

Owing to the fact that so many of the oarsmen of Columbia are playing foot ball this fall, it is probable that the annual fall regatta will not be rowed.