Harvard Union.

The Harvard Union held a largely attended meeting last evening in Sever 11, with J. L. Dodge '91 in the chair.

The meeting was a "prize speaking." The question: Resolved, That the Republican party has forfeited the confidence of the country, was thrown open to any member of the University with a time limit of five minutes. About forty men availed themselves of the privilege and addressed the house.

The judges were Dr. Hart, Professor Kittredge, and Mr. E. M. Mason. The prize was a handsomely bound copy of Cushing's "Law and Practice of Legislative Assemblies."

After a short consultation the judges decided to award the prize to R. L. O'Brien, '91, as having delivered the best speech of the evening. He spoke on the affirmative side of the question. The judges announced that J. M. Morton, '91, and C. S. Morgan, L. S., deserved honorable mention.

The meeting called upon R. L. O' Brien '91, for a speech. He responded in a few well chosen words, in which he thanked the Union for the honor bestowed upon him.


A few members were elected to the Union and a vote of thanks to the judges was passed. At ten o'clock the meeting adjourned. The attendance was 160.