Foxcroft Club.

The Annual Report-The Club in a Flourishing Condition.

The annual meeting of the Foxcroft Club was held on Monday evening, when a new constitution was adopted which practically places the entire management of the club in the hands of the student members. The old constitution provided that a large proportion of the board of directors must be officers of the University.

The president, Mr. M. Chamberlain, made a report of the financial affairs of the club which showed that it was in a flourishing condition. The income is equal to about $1,600 per month, and this will enable the club to pay off last year's deficit and to meet expenditure incurred in fitting up the second dining room, and then have a surplus for repairs at the end of the year. Mr. Chamberlain said that the directors had asked the Corporation to loan the club sufficient money to cover a portion of the extra expense incurred this year, to be returned in instatments during the two following years, and this would allow a reduction to be made on the present price of board without causing a deficit. Even at the present price, which is a little larger than the prices charged last year, the average rate of board is about $2.75 to $3.00 per week-many members paying less, and a few getting all their meals at the club for about $2.00 per week.

The club at present numbers 190 members, but the new constitution provides for the admission of 200, so there will now be a few vacancies.

The following are the names of the new board of directors: President, P. L. Horne '92; vice president, J. G. Nichols '91; secretary, L. J. Johnson; R. E. Blunt D. S. C. A. Bliss Sp., H. F. Butler '93; S. Calvert, Gr., J. W. Carr '94. Professor N. S. Shaler, H. G. Shaw '93, H. W. S evens Gr.