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Professor Royce has been delivering his series of lectures on Modern Thinkers in Philadelphia.

The Mandolin Club will play in Taunton January 9th and in Roxbury January 20.h.

Mr. B. Carpenter '88 will yodel with the Glee Club in Chicago and in St. Louis Mr. R. M. Futhrion '90 will sing the solo of the "Cannibalee."

Those men in English B whose last themes were corrected by "A. A. C," can secure an appointement with Mr. A. A. Carey by addressing him at the Hotel Victoria, Boston.

Nathan Matthews, Jr., the Mayorelect of Boston, was graduated from Harvard in 1875. He then studied abroad, and later spent two and hall years in the Law School.


By the will of the late Rev. Thomas S. Valpey of St. Paul's School, Sums of money were left to Andover, St. Paul's School, Holderness and several smaller schools.

Those members of the Harvard eleven who had thought of going down to New York to play on the B. A. A. team against a number of Princeton men playing on the Manhattan Athletics, and decided not to go. were not influenced by any action of the Faculty, but, after talking the matter over among themselves, concluded not to go.

Brown University wishes to enter the New England Foot ball Association, which is now composed of Williams, Amherst, Technology, Dartmouth and Bowdoin. Dartmouth alone is probably opposed to the scheme on the ground that Providence is an out of-the-way and expensive place to play a scheduled game in.