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Christmas Trip of the Musical Clubs.

The Route to be Followed, and the Concerts to be Given.


The three musical clubs which are to make the Christmas trip to the West, the Glee, Banjo, and Mandolin Clubs, have made their final selection of men, and have decided on the route which will be followed. The Glee Club will be made up as follows: First tenors, H. Nus, L. S., W. Wells, L. S., S. D. Parker '91, S. E. Marvin '91, II. G. Pearson '93, and O. F. Cahane '94; Second tenors, L. Thompson '92, W. F. Brown '92, R. H. Bowles '93, L. Tremain '93, W. E. Kent 93; First basses, M. Williams '91, J. Wendell '91, F. D. Rogers '91, L. F. Berry '92, H. E. Seals '93, S. E. Farewell '93; Second basses, R. W. Atkinson '91, H. F. Holus '92, R. T. Whitehouse '91, W. J. H. Strong '93, C. J. F. Bruegger '92, H. C. Cutler '91.

The Banjo Club will be made up as follows: Banjos, S. W. Allen '91, G. L. Osgood '91, F. L. Kennedy '92, G. Stephens '92. L. E. Osborne '93, H. E. Sears '93. Guitars, M. O. Simons '91. R. T. Whitehouse '91, V. M. Potter '92, W. F. Lewis '94.

The Mandolin Club will be made up as follows: Guitars, G. Jones '91, R. T. Whitehouse '91, V. M. Porter '92, S. E. Farwell '93; Mandolins, S. K. Wold '92, G. Lowell '92, L. Thompson '92, B. Wells '94; Violin, F. W. Bullingham '91.

The following program for the trip has been arranged for the clubs: They will start from Boston Monday evening, December 22, at eleven o'clock on the Boston and Albany road. Taking breakfast at Syracuse, dinner at Buffalo, and supper at Detroit, they will reach Chicago on Wednesday morning. They will stay at the Auditorium Hotel. The concert in Chicago will be Thursday evening Dec. 25.

Friday morning by the 1. and C. R. R. the clubs will leave Chicago, and, taking dinner at Champague, I I., will reach St. Louis early in the evening where they will stop at the Southern Hotel. The concert here will be given Saturday evening. Sunday morning the three organizations will start for Cincinnati, arriving there early in the evening. The Bennett House will be their hotel there. The concert will be given Monday night.

Tuesday morning they will leave for Pittsburg, reaching their destination at a little before 6 p. m. They will stop at the Hotel Anderson. The concert at Pittsburg will be Tuesday night, and at three o'clock Wednesday morning the clubs will start for Washington where they will arrive early in the afternoon. They will lodge at the Hotel Normandle.

They will give the concert Thursday night, and Friday morning they will start for New York, stopping an hour in Philadelphia for dinner. They will stay at the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York The clubs will give the concert Friday evening, and at 12 o'clock midnight, by the Shore Line route, they will start for Boston, reaching Cambridge early Saturday morning.

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