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Fact and Rumor.


Mr. Hodgson's lecture gave $80 to the University crew.

The Shooting Club has its regular meeting this afternoon.

K. F. Crocker has given up rowing with the '88 crew.

Dustan, '89, is at present stroking the '89 crew.

A freshman gun club has been organized at Princeton.

McPherson, '89, is a candidate for the '89 tug-of-war team.

Only seven men have begun to train for the Yale Freshman Cricket Club.

A catalogue of members and a list of the books in the library of the Porcelain Club has been published recently.

Pach Bros. report a very large sale of pictures of this year's University foot-ball team.

C. Green, '89, is no longer a candidate for the '89 tug-of-war team, having cut his hand in the laboratory.

A social party attracted a number of Harvard men to Jamaica Plain, last evening.

Mr. Cummings of the English department will go abroad immediately after Commencement.

Amherst is the only college that has a billiard-room attached to its gymnasium.

It has been finally decided that the yacht Mayflower will not cross the Atlantic this summer.

The class of '90 of Technology had their annual class dinner at Young's Hotel last Tuesday evening.

The candidates for next year's foot-ball eleven at Princeton practice regularly in the cage.

Arrangements have been made for a spring series of five games between the Detroits and St. Louis Browns for the world's championship.

The sophomore theatricals will be given in Boston this spring in aid of the University crew. Rehearsals have already begun.

The oration, poem and prophecy delivered at the '89 class dinner, also ex-Captain Pfeiffer's speech, will be published in pamphlet form by '89 and distributed to the members of the class.

An exciting cane rush between the sophomores and the freshmen of the Columbia School of Mines on Monday was finally stopped by the dean of the faculty.

According to the new Intercollegiate Association rules, the three front tug-of-war cleats are to be four inches high, while the anchor's cleat is to be five inches high. This makes it much easier for the anchor.

Among the newly-published books added to the library in the last few days are Edwin Arnold's "Lotus and Jewel;" Brete Hart's "Phyllis of the Sierras;" and "On the Track of Ulysses." by W. J. Stillman.

A challenge has been sent by Cornell to the U. of P. for an eight-oared race, to take place at some place to be mutually agreed upon. It is thought probable that Pennsylvania will accept this challenge and omit the customary race with Yale.

Jones, '88, chairman of the Exeter Lit, has offered a gold medal to that member of the nine who shall have the best record in base-sliding at the end of the season. The Oxonian has offered a similar medal to the man who gets the highest batting average.

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