Fact and Rumor.

There was a written recitation in History 1 yesterday.

Board at Memorial for the last month has averaged $4.02 a week.

Men were surveying for the new gate yesterday afternoon.

G. T. Harrison '93 has left college on account of sickness.

There will probably be an hour examination in History X Thursday.


The marks in History 2 will be given out this afternoon at four in Lower Massachusetts.

The new Princeton captain, Jesse B. Riggs '92, is, like his predecessor, Poe, a Baltimorean.

The Classical Club had a social meeting at Professor J. H. Wright's yesterday evening at his home on Riedesel Avenue.

Knapp has resigned the captaincy of the Andover foot ball team of 1891, and Hopkins '94, one of the half-backs has been elected to fill the vacancy.

The International Skating Meeting will be held at Heeruven today and tomorrow. The match for the championship of the world will take place December 22.