HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsals at today at 1. 30 and 4. 30.

C. J. F. BRUEGGER, Sec.FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 o'clock.

RUSSELL B. BEALS, Sec.HARVARD FENCING CLUB.- There will be a Smoker and fencing contest at the rooms this evening at 7.15.

J. H. WALKER, JR., Sec.A BARGE will go over to Brooks Hall, West Medford, Friday evening and return after the party if enough men sign the blue book at Leavitt's before 6 p. m. Wednesday.

'93 CREW.- The following men will please be in the tank at 4.10 sharp: Curtis, Winslow, Holland, Walcott, Cochrane, Bartlett, Dunn, Purington. The rest in the rowing room at 3. 10 sharp.


HARVARD BICYCLE CLUB.- Members may obtain shingles by calling at 29 Little's Block Wednesdays or Thursday evenings between 7 and 8 o'clock.

B. C. DE WOLF, '93, Sec.HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal today at 4 p. m. sharp. Very important.

Stedman, B. L. S '90, Amherst '94, is the strongest man in Amherst College.

The freshman crew stops training on Friday.

The Chapel Choir will sing a Christmas Carol at Vespers tomorrow composed by P. L. Atherton '93.

There are 149 Andover men and about 60 Exeter men in Yale.