Special Notices.

DANCING AND DEPORTMENT. Eighth season. Mrs. L. J. Chandler will reopen her classes at Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport, Tuesday, Oct. 7, and would be pleased with your patronage. Children's class, Tuesday, Oct, 7, at 5 o'clock. Young people's class, Tuesday, Oct. 7, at 8 o'clock. Germans, Friday evenings, commencing Oct, 17. Private lessons by appointment. Residence, Insurance Building, cor Main and Inman Sts.

SEMINARS IN GFOLOGY.- Geology 4, Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 8.00 p. m. Geol. 8. Thursday, Dec. 18th, 7.30 p. m. Outlines may be had the evening before each seminar. Fee $2.50.

COLLIER COBB, 3 Holyoke House.3t

TUTORING in Geology 4. Seminar Wednesday, Dec. 17, at 7.30 in 22 Stoughton Hall. Fee, $2.00.

R. E. DODGE.68 4t


PHOTOGRAPHS of the Yale and Harvard foot ball game at Springfield, also the Yale and Harvard freshmen on Jarvis field. For sale at

PACH'S STDIO.N. B.- The latch string is out to all. 69-6t

TUTORING.- German 4. The reading of Die Leiden von Werther.

W. A. CHAMBERLIN.AFTER the holidays a club table and a general table can be accommodated at J. S. Cranston's, 126 Mt. Auburn Street. 72-4t