Annual Report Finds Harvard Kennedy School Faculty Remains Largely White, Male


Harvard Square Celebrates Oktoberfest


Harvard Corporation Members Donated Big to Democrats in 2020 Elections


City Council Candidates Propose Strategies for Supporting Low-Income Residents at Virtual Forum


FAS Dean Gay Hopes to Update Affiliates on Ethnic Studies Search by Semester’s End

Fact and Rumor.


Grew, '89 is not yet able to be at his accustomed work.

There are but three candidates for the Columbia tug-of-war team.

The first theme in English 5 under the new scheme is due to-day.

The outline in History 13 can be obtained at the Co-operative on Saturday.

A large attendance of juniors and sophomores were present at Mr. Clymer's lecture yesterday afternoon.

Thomas A. Edison, the inventor, has presented Cornell University with a complete electric light plant.

Mr. Carnochan, '86, will be unable to train down to enter the feather-weight sparring at the winter meetings.

The marks in Freshman English came out yesterday. They are divided in six classes, the exact percentage not being given.

Dio Lewis is authority for the statement that no user of tobacco has ever headed his class at Harvard, or any other institution where class statistics have been preserved.

A challenge to a tournament has been received by the freshman chess club from the '89 chess club of Columbia. The latter want two moves a week to be made by each side.

Yesterday morning a furious runaway horse was stopped on Harvard Street by the courage of a certain member of '86. The heart-felt thanks of the owner rewarded the brave student.

Professor Royce in returning the marks in Philosophy 3 adopted a new and desirable plan. Each student received a paper stating the defects in his manner of treating an examination paper and how he could best remedy them.

Synopsis of Dr. Farnham's 11th lecture. Some causes of Consumption and how to avoid them. Effect of seasons in the production of Diseases of the Respiratory Organs. Effects of Tobacco, Alcohol and Syphilis on the Respiratory Organs.

No. 2 of Vol. XLI of the Advocate will appear on Friday, and promises to be of unusual interest. Its chief feature will be two open letters on compulsory chapel, Rev. E. E. Hale, '54, taking the affirmative, Mr. W. P. Garrison, '61, the negative side of the question.

Mr. Clymer lectured yesterday afternoon to the juniors and sophomores. He said that junior theme 5 would be an exposition, theme 6 an argument, but that themes 5 and 6 could be handed in together as one connected piece of work. This can also be done with sophomore themes 10 and 11; but theme 9 must be an exposition alone.

Prof. Palmer yesterday, stated to the members of Philosophy 4 that the volume of the Encyclopaedia Britannica recently taken from the library had been returned, and that he had clearly demonstrated that no member of that course had been guilty of the theft thus removing the stigma that had been placed upon the students in that course.

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