Special Notice.

Parliamentary Law and Practice.

1. American Manual of Parliamentary Law. or, The Common Law of Deliberative assemblies, systematically arranged for the use of the parliamentarian and the novice. By George T. Fish. 16mo. cloth, 50 cents; leather tucks, $1.60.

Hon. Thomas W. Ferry, formerly president of the United States senate says: "I take pleasure in recommending it as a systematic, concise, and complete manual, covering in brief and clear statement the present state of Parliamentary Law as modified by authoritative practice. As a book of ready and reliable reference it is entitled to great respect.

II. A Guide to the Conduct of Meetings. Being models of Parliamentary Practice for young and old. By George T. Fish. 16mo. cloth, 50 cents.

Unique hand-book for ready reference-Admirably adapted to use of school and club, and for ready reference (Philadelphia Critic). A novel and highly entertaining device for acquainting everybody with the principles of parliamentary practice It is parliamentary law taught by practice-a sort of normal school for instruction in the principles essential to the management of deliberative bodies (Critic, New York).

Published by Harper and Brothers, New York.