Fact and Rumor.

W. D. Hill has left college.

Woods, '86, is studying in Berlin.

Kidder is rowing with the sophomore crew.

The Classical club will meet today at Professor Allen's.

The mid-year marks in German 1a will be announced today.


The marks are out in Chemistry 1, 4, and 5; French 1 and 3, and German 1b.

The Second Regiment and Yale joint games will be held in New Haven this year on March 7 and 8.

The candidates for the freshman nine meet at 4.30 now for practice, instead of at 4 o'clock as hitherto.

Professor Palmer will not lecture in Philosophy I. on Friday nor during the following week as he will be absent on University business.

D. P. Robinson '90, S. W. Allen '91, R. T. Whitehouse '91, V. M. Porter '92, have been elected regular members of the Banjo club.

Of the eight lectures which Professor Hill is to deliver in English A. one will be devoted to Dryden, one to Swift, and two each to Addison, Steele and Defoe.

Professor Cohn will deliver a lecture on "Thinking in a Foreign Language" to the students in French I at the regular recitation of Friday February 11.

On Friday next Professor Cohn will deliver the first of a series of lectures before the students taking French 2 on the formation and growth of the French language. The lecture will be delivered in Sever 11.

The board of editors of the Harvard Law Review for 1890-91 will be composed of the following men: W. Boster editor-in-chief, H. H. Darling, treasurer, G. Cunningham, S. H. Foster, E. R. Thayer, F. B. Williams, J. M. Newell, G. Wright.

This evening Professor J. J. Hayes will read "A Mid-summer Night's Dream," at Chichering ball, Boston, instead of New York, as previously announced. The entertainment will further consist of instrumental and vocal music.

Hamilton '86, ex-editor of the CRIMSON is studying philosophy in Germany, at the University of Berlin. He was orator at the celebration of Harvard's 250th anniversary and after graduation taught for two years in a Southern college prior to his departure for Germany.

Five of the men who pulled in Pennsylvania's boat last year, are rowing this year, and the outlook for a fast crew is excellent. The men are at present rowing as follows: Bow, Luhn; No. 2, Sypher; 3, Goodell; 4, Wangaman; 5, Harvey; 6, Van Loon; 7, Harris; stroke, Wright. Substitutes-C. Dewey, Williams, Johnson, Stivers, J. Dewey.