Y. M. C. A.- Meeting in Lawrence Had this evening at 6.30.

O. K.- Meeting tonight in Thayer 43 at 7.30, half an hour earlier than usual.

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Full rehearsal Friday evening at 7 o'clock sharp.

H. F. BROWN, Sec.BROOKLINE ASSEMBLY.- A barge will leave Leavitt's for Brookline at 8.45 p. m., Friday, February 14.

B. A. A. MEETING.- Men who have seats reserved for the B. A. A. meeting for the fifteenth must call and get them at once at Thurston's.


HARVARD CHESS AND WHIST CLUB. Meeting tonight at the rooms of the club, 7 Brattle street. Mr. Cummings will play simultaneous games with all wishing to take tables.

F. W. BURLINGHAM, Sec.H. A. A.- All the men who are going to compete in the B. A. A. meeting will please meet in the trophy room of the gymnasium, Friday at 4.15 p. m.

E. STURGIS.WANTED.- Two or four good tickets for the B. A. A. meeting. A premium of fifty cents apiece will be given. Please leave at Thurston's.

E. STURGIS.Seniors are urged to give their attention to the class photographs and see that their pictures are taken immediately and thereby avoid unnecessary annoyance which always ensues toward the end of the year.