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Harvard Wins the Pennant.


The first winter indoor meeting of Boston Athletic association was held Saturday evening, and proved to be a very successful one. Contestants to the number of three hundred, representing the leading athletic clubs of the country, took part in the sports. All the events were closely contested, but Harvard showed up far more strongly than any of the other clubs, and by the good work of her representatives, the banner offered to the club scoring the most points comes to Harvard. Her men did far better than was expected, and in some cases, with only slight handicaps, succeeded in outdoing the record men. The track on which the races were run was sharp at the corners, and for that reason many men fell at the turns and were thus practically defeated. The Harvard representatives, however, were very fortunate in this regard, and hardly a single one of her men fell.

There were so many entries that the trial heats in the 40-yards dash began at seven instead of an hour later as previously announced. In this event, which was very prettily contested, there were twenty trial heats and of these eleven were won by Harvard men-Hawes, '92, Hollis, '92, Sternberg, '93, Green, '92, Alward, L. S., Wendell, '91, Baker, '93, Moen, '91, and Evans. '90, (dead heal), Powers, '91, Hale, S. S., Rothschild, '91. Of these men, Green, Sternberg, Hawes, Moen, Wendell, and Hale were in the final. Green won the event in four seconds with seven feet handicap; Hawes was second and Sternberg third.

For the putting the shot contest there were thirty-nine entries but as many other events were in progress, it excited little attention save from men especially interested in this form of sport. The score is as follows: 1, Mitchell, N. J. A. C., handicap 1 foot, 41 feet, 41/2 iches; 2, Whitman, B. A. A.; 3, Giannini, N. Y. A. C.

The mile walk was one of the best events. Burchardt of the Pastime club had the lead for a long time but was passed by Keating of the same club, and by Bates, '92. Keating won in 7 minutes, 11 seconds, with Bates an exceedingly close second.

In the 220 yards dash there were eight heats. Harvard had no winner in even the preliminary rounds. The event was won by McNeil of the Trimount club in 27 1-4 seconds, Puffer of the New Jersey club being second.

For putting the 56-pound weight there were 17 entries. The following is the score: 1, Coughlan, T. A. C., handicap 5 feet, 25 feet, 6 inches; 2, Mithcell, N. J. A. C., scratch; 3. Sullivan, P. A. C.

The running high jumping began rather early but it was 11 o'clock before a decision was made as to the victors. Fearing, '93, was the winner. The following is the score: 1, Fearing, '93, handicap 1/2 inch, 5 feet, 10 3-4 inches; 2, Morse, B. A. A.; 3, Greene, '92. In this event Fearing did admirable work, and was repeatedly applauded. His jump is a tie with the best Harvard record.

In the half mile run Harvard showed up well. Lowell, '92, won the first trial heat in which Downs, '90, was third, and Batchelder, '92, fourth. Priest, '91, won the second trial heat with Dohm of Princeton, second, and Peters of the B. A. A. third. In the third heat Blake, '93, came in winner, with Endicott, '90, fifth. The final heat proved to be one of the most exciting of the evening. Peters led for some time but Dohm passed him on the sixth lap. At the finish, however, Peters went ahead again and won, and Blake also spurted and passed Dohm. Both Peters and Dohm fainted at the finish. Time 2 minutes, 7 3-5 seconds.

Brown, '91, won the first heat of the 440 yard dash, with Wright, '92, third. Ganson, '92, was number two in the second heat. In the final heat Brown ran pluckily and won with 32 yards handicap in 551/2 seconds.

There were no Harvard entries for the 220-yards hurdle race which was one of the most exciting of the events. In all of the heats, one or more of the men fell in taking the hurdles and several were severely injured. The final heat was won by J. C. Lally, P. A. C., in 29 4-5 seconds.

Collamore. '93, won the mile run with an 85-yard handicap in 4 minutes, 58 1-4 seconds. He ran very well throughout the whole race, and was warmly applauded.

Harvard had entered no team for the tug-of-war contests. In these the Pastime club pulled Brown university, Princeton pulled the Manhattan club after one dead heat, the Berkeley pulled the Craigie club, and Varuna defeated Tech. In the second round the Pastime was a winner over the Berkeley, and the Varuna over the Princeton team. The finals between the Pastime and the Varuna clubs, was won by the former by one and a half inches.

The pole vault, which was the last event, could not be finished on account of lack of time, and it was therefor postponed.

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