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Editors Daily Crimson:

There may have been times in the past when the Advocate had some excuse for existence, but nothing in the last two numbers of that paper warrants anyone in wishing it to continue to live. The first editorial in the number which appeared December 13th, is the most puerile I have ever had the misfortune to read in any Harvard publication.

The Advocate's ringing eloquence and inspiring rhetoric is usually invoked in the cause of more board walks in the yard, or in protest at the manner of scattering the fertilizer over the grass, or in piteous appeals to be protected by the authorities from the muckers who assemble in the rectangle and throw out doubtful compliments to the editors as they walk along. Occasionally, also, the Advocate informs the eleven or the nine that if they can play well enough they will win, provided they don't get over confident; and tells the captain of the lacrosse team that if he keeps his head he will have a soft thing. When these articles appear the college smiles and tolerates the paper. But when this infantile burbling is turned in serious channels and pretends to represent college sentiment, it is time for the college to object.

Harvard has recently taken a very dignified position in regard to athletics, and a position which, in view of the absolute certainty with which we could predict sneers from hostile newspapers, was a courageous one. The existing football league, not seeming to afford auspices under which good square football could be played, Harvard withdrew. Our action appears all the more admirable when contrasted with Yale's hesitancy in taking what she has already committed herself to saying is a right step, This hesitancy is caused by the very factors that we scorned to fear, i. e., misrepresentation and abuse by the uninformed. The writer has heard nothing but commendation for our position. The Advocate is the first and only thing that has been heard to exclaim, "I told you so!" That paper's rare consistency is shown when it now comes out and condemns as cowardly the "I-told-you so" sentiment.

It is exasperating to think that this article can go forth to other colleges and to the public in general and purport to be Harvard sentiment. The writer would suggest that the college assume a Dictatorship over this publication.


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