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The Advocate.


The tenth number of the Advocate which is the last to appear under the management of the senior board, is upon the whole excellent. The announcement is made that the journal will be conducted during the ensuing year by H. McK. Landon, '92, as president, J. R. Corbin, '92, as secretary and T. G. Bremer, '92, as business manager.

The first editorial discusses in a dignified manner the recent challenge from Cornell. The necessity of a dual league in athletics is again set forth and reasons are given why Cornell has no cause to think herself unjustly treated. The second editorial urges the election of vigorous officers for the Co-operative Society.

The opening story, "Hic Jacet Sepultus," is an unfortunate production in every respect. It is conspicuous by its sensational style and slovenly English, which includes a wearisome use of the historical present and such expressions as "inscrutable weariness." The plot has certainly the merit of extreme originality, but is nevertheless decidedly unpleasant, and an unhealthy, toue pervades the whole story, the presence of which in a college periodical, is to be regretted. The author makes mistakes in the gender of his Latin principle and in his use of m'amie for mon ami and mon amie.

"Tupper" is a clever dialect sketch with perhaps the slight defect of being a little too long. Many of the expressions are highly amusing.

"Baptiste" a Central American is also worthy of high commendation A story of passion and a dramatic eabisode are skillfully told without exceeding the bounds of moderation. The descriptive passages are often excellent.

The best poems are the delicate and musical verses in "The Troubadours" and the "Ave Caesar" "Allegro" is less successful.

A communication defends the recent position of the Advocate in main timing that Harvard is becoming provincial and is losing ground in the west. The Brief brings the record of events down to February 14.

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