Base Ball Schedule Between Harvard and Yale.

A meeting of the representatives of the Harvard and Yale Base Ball associations was held in Springfield last Saturday. Messrs. Tilney and Calhoun, and Messrs. Linn and Winslow of the advisory committee represented Yale and Harvard respectively. No final action was taken on account of the proposed meeting of Yale and Harvard committees which have been appointed to confer on general athletics. If nothing arises, however, as an outcome of this proposed meeting to prevent, the following schedule will be played:

Saturday, May 17, at New Haven.

Saturday, May 31, at Cambridge.

Saturday, June 21, at Cambridge.

Tuesday, June 24, at New Haven.


In case of a tie in games won a fifth game will be played on June 28th, at a place hereafter to be decided upon; and all further arrangements will be made at a later time.