Fact and Rumor.

Several of the crew men have been suffering from colds lately.

P. V. R. Johnson has been elected captain of the freshman tug of war team.

S. W. Childs, '91, will be chairman of the Yale News board during the ensueing year.

Professor MacVane says that the marks in History 2 will be announced some time before April 1.

In the list of the candidates for the sophomore crew in Saturday's issue the name of Johnson who is rowing number 7 on the second crew was inadvertently omitted. He is a very promising man.


Mrs. Caroline Donavan, who recently gave $10,000 for the endowment of a professorship of English language and literature at Johns Hopkins died last Wednesday. A good share of her property is left to benevolent and educational institutions, among which Washington and Lee university of Lexington, Va., receives a bequest of $10,000.

The Cornell Glee club has been compelled to give up the projected western trip owing to the disorganized state of the club.

Fine Arts 8 will be a graduate course next year to which only men having a thorough knowledge of Italian will be admitted.

There are four men in the Yale boat who weigh over one hundred and eighty pounds; there is an equal number in the Harvard crew.

Several of the boats for the Weld boat house are already finished and in the building. The place will be opened in three or four weeks.

A petition is being circulated at the Law school begging the board of overseers to reconsider their acceptance of Professor Keener's resignation.

Professor B. O. Peirce has recovered sufficiently to be about. He will take a short trip to the White Mountains, after which he will resume his classes.

Mr. Moore's book on the development of Gothic architecture has just made its appearance. It will be used as a text book for the rest of the year in Fine Arts 4.

Last Saturday the crew ran to the top of Corey hill through some fields covered deep with drifted snow. There were numerous tumbles and a good deal of puffing.

Poole, catcher of the Yale nine was hit just over the temple by a pitched ball while practicing last Saturday afternoon, and very seriously injured. It is feared that his skull is fractured.

Percy Bolton, who coached the '88 Yale crew, coached the candidates for this year's crew last Saturday, and will probably stay in New Haven this week to give the men the benefit of his experience.

It is not settled yet that there will be a race between Yale and the Atlantas. Captain Allen, speaking of the matter recently, said: "We have not yet obtained the university decision in regard to the matter. There is a law in the corporation concerning boat races with crews not connected with colleges. Until the committee has taken official action nothing can be settled.

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