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But unlimited good wishes and appreciation are not enough. The men who attend the game, as well as those who play, have an important part to perform. Their duty is to cheer enthusiastically and continually, whether Harvard is winning or losing. All athletic men who have played in important games, unite in saying that hearty cheering has a wonderfully encouraging and inspiring effect on a team. As a great volume of wildly enthusiastic cheers rolls across the field, the players forget their weariness and aches and bruises, and play with renewed energy and inspiration.

Today the Harvard sections should set an example of concerted cheering which, at future football games, will be looked back to as the best that a Harvard audience has ever given, and which, as the best, future audiences will strive to equal.

Owing to the many serious injuries to the eleven, the team will not be in so good condition to meet the strong Princeton eleven as we all hoped to see it; and Harvard will not go into the game with the over-confidence which she unfortunately had last year. But the lack of over-confidence is a good sign in itself, and, with the energy and "sand" which the eleven has shown this fall in the face of enormous difficulties, and the enthusiastic encouragement which we feel sure the Harvard supporters will give them, Harvard can win; and, we believe, she will win.

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