Fact and Rumor.

The Advocate will be out tomorrow.

The first Lampoon under the new board will be out tomorrow.

The '91 board of editors assumed control of the Yale News Monday.

The Electric club will visit the largest lighting stations in Boston this evening.

There will be an hour examination in Philosophy 1 a week from next Saturday.


There will be no recitation Thursday and Friday in Chemisty 1. There will be laboratory work as usual.

Dr. Morgan gave an interesting lecture on the ancient Greek conception of death in Greek 1, recently.

A game has been arranged with the Boston league nine to be played on Holmes field some time in May.

The Classical club will be tendered a reception by Professor Norton this evening.

Dr. Morgan will speak to the members of the Southern Club this evening on "The Republic of Florida."

At the meeting of the Chess and Whist Club last evening the following officers for the ensuing half-year were elected: President, F. W. Burlingham'91; vice-president, R. B. Hale, '91; secretary, F. W. Nicolls, '92; treasurer, H. Tallant, '91. The following men were elected members: J. B. Paine, '91, M. C. Nichols, '91, H. S. Wilkinson, '91, W. J. Farquhar, '91.

Nichols, the old 'varsity pitcher is now house officer at the children hospital in Boston.

Mr. James B. Reynolds, will speak tonight in Sever 11, under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association, on the subject of "British and Continental University Life."

The soloist at the symphony concert this evening will be Miss Rose Stewart. The programme is as follows: Symphony in E flat, Mozart; Mad Song from "Hamlet" A. Thomas; unfinished symphony in B minor, Schubert; Persian Love Songs, Rubinstein; over ture, "Freischutz," Weber.

The following forensics have not yet been read. They will be returned before the third forensic is due. Men whose forensics were not returned Monday are entitled to an extension of time on the third forensic. Burlingham, Bowman. F. N. Brown, Dudley, Chittenden, Farquhar, Franklin, Hovells, Hunnewell, Marsh, Morton, Miller, L. C. Page, Platt, Pease, Ross, Robinson Snow, H. M. Joville, Stultz, Tallant, Thomas, Turner, Valle, Warren, Wainwright, Samuels Wells, jr., Weeks, Wilcox.