All men who wish to join the foot squad will meet at the trophy room of the gymnasium at 4 p. m. today.

A. J. CUMNOCK.FINANCE CLUB.- Meeting tonight in University 13, at 7.30 o'clock, for the election of new members and other business.

F. L. OLMSTED, Sec.ENGLISH C AND D-The third set of briefs will be returned in Sever 10 on Thursday, March 13, at 3 o'clock. The third forensic will be due at 24 Grays Hall, Wednesday, March 19.

CRICKET ELEVEN.- All candidates for the cricket eleven will meet in the trophy room of the gymnasium today at 5 p. m. instead of 4.15.

R. D. BROWN, Captain.FRESHMAN TUG-OF-WAR.- The following men will be at the gym. at 2.30 sharp ready to be examined: Robb, Bisbee, Winsor, Dinsmore, Kenney, Falk, Flint, Emmett.