Fact and Rumor.

The Advocate issues with the regular number today an extra leaf discussing Harvard's responsibility to give substantial aid to the Delyhi Fund of the American Archaeological Institute.

Mr. George L. Kittredge will address the Y. M. C. A. this evening at 6.30, in Lawrence Hall. All students are cordially invited.

Students in Latin C are instructed to provide themselves with copies of Plautns and Terence in the series Ancient classics for English readers.

The meeting of the Bicycle club called for tonight is to consider the advisability of forming a Bicycle Racing Association similar in its aims and methods to the H. A. A.

The soloist at the vesper service this afternoon will be Mr. H. L. Cornell of Boston. Mr. Cornell is one of the most widely known bass singers in New England.


The subjects for the second thesis in Greek 10 were announced yesterday. There will be no lecture in the course tomorrow, but Professor White will be in Sever 30 to answer any questions that may arise in regard to the thesis.

The following men were elected members of the Finance Club at its meeting last evening: A. C. Baldwin '90, F. L. DeLong '90, F. P. Denny '91, C. R. Detrick '91, R. M. Fullerton '90, R. B. Hale '91, Y. Ito, Sp., Waldo, T. N. Perkins '91, W. Wells '90.

The next talk in the Wells Memorial course will take place tomorrow. The subject is, "The Eight Hour Movement." Professor Taussig will be one of the principal speakers. Members of the university are cordially invited to attend, and to take part in that discussion.

The 'varsity crew rowed on the river yesterday, Mr. Keyes coaching. They rowed at a slow stroke up to the Boylston street bridge, then down to Long-wood and back to the boat house. The men were, Goddard, stroke; Jones, 7; Tilton, 6; Upham, 5; Finlay, 4; Perkins, 3; Hartridge, 2; Keyes, bow. Average weight, 177 pounds.

The following questions for debate will be presented at the meeting of the Union this evening: 1. Resolved, that congress should pass the Blair Educational Bills. 2, That the claims of the United States to jurisdiction over Behring Sea are justifiable. 3. That the enlargement of the navy as proposed by the Hale bill should be effected.