Summer Courses for 1890.

Courses of instruction in the following named subjects will be given at Harvard during the summer of 1890:

Four courses in Chemistry; viz: General Elementary Chemistry, Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis and Organic Chemistry.

A course in Botany.

Two courses in Physics; viz: Elementary Physics and a higher course in Experimental Physics.

Two courses in Geology; viz: an elementary course given in Cambridge, and an advanced course in the field in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


A course in English.

Three courses in French.

Two courses in German.

Two courses in Field Engineering; viz: Topographical and Railroad Surveying.

A course in Physical Training.

Courses in the Medical School.

These courses are chiefly clinical and are designed for graduates and advanced students.

For information concerning all courses, except those in the Medical School, address the Secretary of Harvard university, Cambridge, Mass.; for information concerning the courses in the Medical School, address the Secretary of the Harvard Medical School, Boston, Mass.

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