Fact and Rumor.

Duplicate H. A. A. admission tickets will henceforth cost twenty-five cents.

On Saturday the tug-of-war teams of '90, '92, and '93, each had an Exeter man, and '91 had two.

There will be an hour examination in Latin 6 today, on the first and third satires of Juvenal.

The class of '80 has decided to present Princeton with a gateway to cost $3,000 as their decennial gift.

Princeton expects to be represehted in every event in the coming inter-collegiate meeting at the Berkeley Oval.


Professor Keener of the Law School who goes to the Columbia Law School next year, gave cuts in all his courses last week.

A complete history of Haverford cricket is in process of compilation. Haverford was the first American college to play the game.

The injury which Poole the Yale catcher received recently by being hit with a thrown ball is not of so serious a character as was feared.

Professor E. H. Hall desires it announced that the next Physics A lecture will be given April 17 instead of March 20, as stated in the calendar.

The winter meeting of the Phillips Academy Athletic Association at Andover was a great success. The school record was broken in putting the shot.

The third annual indoor meeting of the Phillips Exeter Academy Athletic Association was held Saturday. The meet was a success although no records were broken.

A large number of Harvard men will enter for the games of the Amateur Athletic Union which take place at the Mechanics Building, Saturday evening, April 12.

Dr. Le Favour, who is now in Europe will occupy the Reed Professorship of Physics at Williams next year. It is announced that the Miller Professorship of American History and Literature has also been filled.

The Southern tennis tournament begins at St. Augustine, Florida, today. Among the entries are O. S. Campbell, of Columbia, who holds the Southern championship, R. Beach the old Yale player, Henry Trevho, Messrs. Peacock and Radcliffe, of England, and others. The Englishmen have been playing in good form, and it is thought that Campbell will have a hard struggle to retain the championship.

Representatives from seven boat clubs in and around Boston met at the Revere house last Friday evening to take active steps towards the formation of a new rowing association. Circulars have been sent to all boat clubs in the vicinity of Boston inviting them to send delegates to a meeting at the same place Wednesday evening. April 9, when final arrangements for the new association will be completed.

Captain Allen, of the Yale crew, said last Friday that Yale would not consent to the proposition that the winner of the Harvard Yale race row the winner of a four cornered race between Cornell, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania and Bowdoin. Captain Herrick has already made a statement to the same effect for Harvard. Captain Allen also said he did not think that Yale wished to spare the time even to arrange a race with the Atlantas, concerning which so much has been published.