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Second Winter Meeting.


The second winter meeting of the Harvard Athletic Association was held Saturday afternoon. The weather was stormy but nevertheless the gymnasium was filled with ladies, graduates and undergraduates.

Tumbling was the first event. Five men had entered but only J. B. Henderson, '91, appeared, and with Mr. Bowler, the assistant at the gymnasium, performed many difficult and astonishing feats of tumbling. The contest was highly interesting and called forth much applause. Henderson was given the cup.

The next event, the bantam weight sparring, was between B. P. Cheney, '90, and G. O. Swasey, '90; S. W. Priest, '91, withdrew. Both men were quick and fought evenly, but although Cheney led the more often, Swasey guarded the better and was the more scientific. Swasey won the cup.

There were seven entries for the running high jump, G. R. Fearing '93, (scratch), J. P. Lee '91 (3 in.), C. W. Shead '93 (7 in.), K. Brown '91 (7 in.), W. N. Duane '92 (6 in.), A. L. Shapleigh '92 (8 inches). Brown dropped out at 4 feet 11 inches, Shead at 5 feet 1 3-4 inches. All the rest of the contestants cleared the bar at 5 feet 3 inches. Shapleigh and Duane failed at 5 feet 3 3-4 inches leaving the contest to Fearing and Lee. Lee failed at 5 feet 6 1-4 in, but Fearing continued until the bar reached 5 feet 101/2 inches. Shapleigh by his handicap of 8 inches won the event by an actual jump of 5 feet 3 inches. H. R. Allen '92, and J.M. Morton '91, were the only contestants in the fencing. This was a very pretty contest in which the points were pretty evenly divided, Morton finally won by a score of five points to three.

The next event on the program was an exhibition row by the 'varsity crew. This custom has been neglected since 1887. The crew made a good impression and elicited great applause. The men were seated as follows: Stroke, J. H. Goddard, '92, 7, Jones, '92; 6, Tilton '90; 5, Upham '90; 4, Finlay '91; 8, Perkins '91; 2, Watriss '92, 1, Herrick '90, (captain).

Priest '91, and Sterne '91 did not appear and the feather weight sparring was a walkover for Dodge much to the disappointment of all.

In the single stick fencing H. R. Allen '92, and A. H. Williams '91, contested. This event proved the most interesting of the afternoon. Allen showed the greater strength but Williams was the quicker and won by a score of 7 points to six.

The next event was the 10 yards dash. Owing to the large number of entries heats of four had to be run. The first heat was won by Hawes, second by Wendell, third, tie between Downs and Alward, Alward winning the run off; fourth by Crosby, fifth by Baker, sixth by Andrade, seventh by Hall, eighth, tie between Brown and Rhoades, Rhoades winning the run off ninth and last by Batchelder. In the second round the men ran in threes. The first heat was between Hawes, Wendell and Alward. Hawes and Alward made it a tie, Alward winning the run off. Crosby, Baker and Andrade ran the second heat; Crosby and Andrade ran a tie, Andrade winning on the second trial. The third heat was won by Hall. The final heat was between Andrade, Alward and Hall, and was exceedingly close, Alward and Andrade tying for first place. Five more trials were necessary to decide the event, which was finally won by Andrade by a fraction of an inch.

The next and last event was the tug-of-war for the class championship between '91 and '93. The teams were made up as follows:

Ninety-one-1, P. Y. DeNormandie: 2, A. B. Nichols; 3, J. F. Bass; anchor. J. J. Higgins.

Ninety-three-1, F. Winsor; 2, P. V. K. Johnson; 3, R. Bisbee; anchor, N. T. Robb.

Ninety-one got one-quarter of an inch on the drop, but '93 got it back before one minute was over. '93 then gained a little only to lose it again. At the end of four minutes '91 had one-quarter of an inch, but a few seconds before time was up, the freshmen heaved and made the event a tie.

The officers of the meeting were: Referee of general events, Mr. G. B. Morrison, '83; judges of general events, Mr. C. H. Kip, '83, Mr. Walter Soren, '83; referee of sparring, Dr. William Appleton, '77; judges of sparring, Mr. I. Tucker Burr, '79, Mr. J. P. Hawes, '73; judges of judges of fencine, Dr. T. A. DeBlois, Mr. Curtis Guild, Dr. William Appleton, '77; timers, F. A. Fiske, E. E. Merrill, F. W. Wood, J. G. Lathrop; starter, R. S. Hale.

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