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Editors Daily Crimson:

Such an article as appeared in the editorial column of the CRIMSON last Saturday demands recognition only because the Glee club is a university organization. The management of the Glee club proposes to take up these indefinite and absurd charges in order.

1. "It is said that the Glee club is run by a clique." As a matter of fact the Glee club is run by a majority of its members acting through its officers, except in the case of important matters, which are brought directly before the club. We fail to see how anybody can call this "clique" management.

2. "It does not represent by any means the musical abilities of the college." Our desire is to get the best musical ability in college and if we do not secure it we are not to blame for our failure. If men, who consider themselves good musicians do not attend the trials it is not the club's fault but its misfortune. To the best of our judgment we select the men having the best voices and every man has an equal show.

3. "Some members are so disgusted with the management of the club that they are ready to resign." The management would be very glad to have the CRIMSON name some of these gentlemen. No member has objected to the management of the club at any of its meetings. If any member has objections to the managment of the club, and does not voice those objections at the proper time instead of grumbling to editors of the CRIMSON and other outsiders, such a man is better out of the club than in it.

4. "It is said that the club is worse now than it has been for years." The club has given three concerts lately, one at Winchester, when the audience who alone are the proper judges expressed themselves as entirely satisfied with the singing. (It is fair to state that at this concert the club labored under the disadvantage of having no piano). The second concert at Arlington, was, it is true, below par, but by no means "disgraceful." We are surprised to hear the subsequent dissatisfaction of the audience as no such disapproval was made manifest while the concert was in progress. Finally anyone who heard the club sing on Friday evening must concede that the hearty applause which it received was well merited.

5. The CRIMSON shows its woeful ignorance by suggesting that the Glee club employ a "professional trainer" As a matter of fact the Glee club has employed a "professional trainer" and does not propose to cease doing so.

In conclusion the management of the Glee club wishes to state that any further suggestions for the improvement of the club from such well-known and reliable authorities as the musical and dramatic critics of the CRIMSON board will be taken for what they are all worth.

H. deF. LOCKWOOD, ex-Pres.M. WILLIAMS, Jr., Pres.C. J. F. BRUEGGER, Sec.

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