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Editors Daily Crimson:

The statement by the officers of the Glee club in yesterday's CRIMSON that the charges with regard to the Arlington concert were "indefinite and absurd," and their expression of surprise at learning "the subsequent dissatisfaction of the audience as no such disapproval was made manifest while the concert was in progress" make it necessary to add a word on this subject.

The people of Arlington were disgusted with the portion of the entertainment furnished by the Glee club, and with the conduct of most of the members present. They showed their disgust in every way in which gentlemen and ladies can. It is true the members of the club were not hissed: and yet few audiences would have refrained from hissing under the circumstances. I have talked with many persons who were present, and they are unanimous in their condemnation. A portion of the report given in the local papers follows.

"The contributions were far from a credit to them as vocalists. The committee are in no wise to blame in the matter as they had every reason to expect a rich treat would be given their patrons and are thoroughly disgusted that the managers of the Harvard Glee club, with whom they contracted for a first class entertainment, and for which they paid a large price, should have sent them a gang of young fellows who if they can sing well did not, and whose deportment behind the curtain and before the footlights was certainly not what is to be expected from young gentlemen."

The entertainment (?) was given under the auspices of a club which is composed to a considerable extent of college graduates. The disgraceful exhibition of our undergraduates gave Harvard men a feeling of shame and regret from which they will not soon recover, and caused our college to fall greatly in the estimation of the towns people.

I think that those members of the club who are responsible for this affair deserve the severe condemnation of students and faculty.