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Professor Toy's Lecture.


Yesterday afternoon in the Jefferson Physical Labratory Professor Toy delivered a lecture on "The Jews in Modern Life." The speaker gave a sketch of the varied history of the Jews up to the modern times and dwelt particlarly on the rich Jews of the present century. Especially did he dwell on the history of the Rothschild house-the energy, skill and sagacity which the Rothschilds showed in attaining the high position they now occupy-for a high position it certainly is. Many of the Rothschilds have been leaders in politics and many have been knighted as is well known.

It is feared by some that the Jews will soon attain too great a power in the world by reason of their vast riches but this was thought by Professor Toy to be a cause for little fear. It is true that there is a certain antagonism to, and prejudice against, the Jews but this is gradually vanishing. Then, too, it must be remembered that the Christians were the ones responsible for the degraded position of the Jews in the Middle Ages, since they were at that time forbidden to own lands and were thus driven to be traders. It has been said too that the Jew was not a patriot. How could a Jew be a patriot in the Middle Ages. He was not permitted to occupy a domicile for more than a few years, was then compelled to flee and was thus able to swear allegiance only to the world at largel.

In conclusion Professor Toy said that he hoped and thought that the antagonism between the Jews and Christians was becoming less and less, for the antagonism has always been due to prejudice and prejudice cannot help but be destroyed by advancing years.

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