Special Notices.

Students will find the best tennis goods at Brine's on Boylston St.

PERSPECTIVE.- Lessons in Perspective.

MISS LOUISA C. FLLTON, 92 Brattle St., Cambridge.6 6th

Gaze's Educational Excursions to Europe next summer ofter special attractions to individuals or small parties visiting any part of Europe on longer or shorter tours. Send for information to Alfred Bunker, Boston (Highlands), Mass.

Now, while the snow is on the ground, is the best time to have your rooms photographed. No better souvenir can be had of college than a well made picture of one's room. Call at studio and make appointments at once.


PACH BROS.H. WM. TUPPER, Manager.Class Day, '90. "Brattle Hall," 40 Brattle street, To let. Hall 40 x 46 with large dressing rooms and gallery. Stage 24 x 48, used as dining room; all the conveniences for caterers. Can be seen at any time by applying to Superintendent Social Union rooms, 42 Brattle street. 14 5t