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The A. A. U. Championship Games.


The indoor championship meeting of the Amateur Athletic Union at the Mechanics' building Saturday afternoon and evening was a great success. In every event the competition was very close and in many of them new records were established. By the preliminary trials in the afternoon the number of entries was so reduced that the finals in the evening could be easily handled and decisions reached.

There were four men left in the final heat of the 75-yard dash, which was the first event run off in the evening; they were L. H. Carey, M. A. C, A. H. Green, H A A, O. K, Hawes, H A A, and E. C. Moen, H A A. The race between Carey and Green was very close, but Carey spurted in the last dozen yards and won the race by a very close decision; time 7 4-5 seconds.

The 600 yards run was won by Dohm of the N Y A C, with F. R. Peters of the B A A second, and J. C. Devereux, M A C, third; time of winner, 1 minute, 18 2-5 seconds.

F. C. Puffer, N Y A C won the final heat of the 200 yards hurdle race, defeating A. A. Jordon of the N Y A C, who slipped twice; time 29 2-5 sec.

The standing high jump was won easily by S. Crook, M A C, by a jump of 4 ft 11 in; second, C. Crawley, T A C, 4ft 10in; third, A. K. Pritchard, S I A C, 4ft, 91/2 in.

There were three entries for the three quarter mile walk, which was won by W. R. Burkhardt, P A C, in 5m, 3 2 5sec; C. L. Nicol, M A C, second, and J. B. Keating, P A C, third.

The 150 yards dash was one of the most hotly contested events of the day. The final heat was between J. P. Lee, H A A, T. I. Lee, N Y A C, and N. H. Morgan, N J A C; J. P. Lee ran very strongly and won the event from T. I. Lee in 16 2-5sec.

G. R. Fearing, H A A, A. B. George, M A C, W. N. Day, N J A C, W. F. Thompson, N J A C, and T. J. Berry, T A C, started in the 1000 yards run. George was looked upon as a sure winner, but Fearing ran away from him in the last fifty yards and won the event as he pleased, with George second. and Day third; time 2m, 22 3-5s.

A. P. Copeland, M A C, won the final heat of the 300 yard hurdle race from F. C. Puffer, N J A C, in 38 4-5 sec.

The standing broad jump was won by S. Crook M A C, who cleared 10ft 8in; A. A. Zimmerman, N J A C, second; A. H. Green, H A A, third.

G. R. Gray, N Y A C, broke the world record in putting the 24lb. shot by a put of 33ft, 11 3-4in.

E. D. Lange, M A C, had his own way in the four mile walk winning in 29m, 48 4-5sec; C. L. Nichol, M A G, second.

The final contest in the broad pole vault between A. H. Green, H A A, and F. J. Hosp, M A C, was very exciting. Both men broke the world's record in their first three trials, each clearing 25ft 10 1-2in. In the deciding trial

Green cleared 26ft 4 1 2in, and won the event.

The two mile run was won by W. N. Day, the cross-country champion, who lowered the indoor record for the distance to 9m, 39 2 5s.

Harvard men had things their own way in the 300 yards run, there being none but Harvard men in the final heat. The event was won by W. C. Downs in 38 4 5s; W. H. Wright second and E. C. Moen third.

In the three standing broad jumps G. R. Robinson of the T A C cleared 34ft 4 1-4in, winning by an inch from A. A. Zimmerman, of the N J A C.

J. P. Connolly, T A C, won the hopstep-and-jump, clearing 44ft 10in.

The final event, putting the 56lb weight for height, was won by J. S. Mitchell, N J A C, who established a world's record by hitting the board at 15ft 2in.

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