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Class Base Ball Championship.


I. The class championships shall be contested in three series of three games each.

II. The championship shall be awarded to the team winning two series of games.

III. The team winning two of the the three games of a series shall be considered the winner of that series.

IV. Each member of the winning team shall receive a cup suitably engraved.

V. The teams to play together in the first two series shall be chosen by lot. The winners of these two series shall then play together for the championship.

VI. Any team failing to appear ready to play any scheduled game at the appointed time shall forfeit the game to the opposing nine.

VII. The captains of the class teams shall decide upon three umpires, one from each of the three upper classes. To these umpires games shall be assigned before the first championship game.

VIII. The umpire shall be a member or substitute of the 'varsity nine, or of either of the competing classes.

IX. Umpires shall have full power in deciding the postponment of games, or in calling games on account of darkness.

X. Games shall be postponed on account of bad weather only.

XI. The umpire shall have full power in case of intentional delay by any nine to declare the game forfeited to the opposing-nine.

XII. All games shall be played under the rules adopted by the H. U. B. B. C.

XIII. Points of discussion or detail, not decided by the four captains, shall be decided by the captain of the 'varsity nine.

XIV. The schedule shall begin on Monday, April 28, and will end on Friday, May 16. All postponed games shall be played before June 1.

XV. The CRIMSON shall appoint the the official scorer.

XVI. The management of the 'varsity nine agrees to furnish two balls for each game, and further agree to have Jarvis field marked out before each game.

XVII. The cups will be on exhibition at Leavitt and Peirce's on or before May 1.

Series I, '92 vs. '93, Monday, April 28; series II, '91 vs. '90, Wednesday, April 30; series I, '92 vs. '93, Friday, May 2; series II, '91 vs. '90, Monday, May 5; series I, '92 vs '93, Wednesday, May 7; series II, '91 vs '90, Friday, May 9; winner of I vs. winner of II Monday, May 12, Wednesday, May 14, Friday, May 16.


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