Fact and Rumor.

There was a cut in Greek 10 yesterday.

W. V. Moody, '93, has been elected an editor of the Monthly.

Yale beat the Holy Cross College team Tuesday by a score of 23 to 0.

Soule, '93, has sprained his leg and will be unable to play ball for some days.

Day, who pitched for the freshmen yesterday was on the Exeter nine two years, playing at pitcher and right field.


The Cambridge Latin School nine defeated a nine composed of Memorial Hall Waiters 16-15 on Cambridge Common yesterday.

A bad place has been discovered in the freshman shell and the crew will be obliged to row in the barge until a few days be obliged to row in the barge until a few days before the class races.

The nine will probably play several games with the B. A. A. nine this season. The first one will likely be played at the South End grounds, Boston.

The Boston Herald has sent letters to the candidates for the Mott Haven team, asking for their athletic records, short sketches of their lives and their photographs.

The following men have been elected to the Conference Francaise : A. H. Williams, '91; G. Lowell, '92; R. H. Shepard, '92; T. F. Patterson, '93; P. W. Davis, '93; A. L. Tisdale, '93.