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The Crews.


The university crew has been rowing in about the same order for the past two weeks. No change had been made since they adopted the new style of rigging, until yesterday, when the crew rowed in a paper shell for the first time, and again used a port stroke. The order was as follows: Goddard, '92, stroke; Jones, '92 7; Upham, '90, 6; Tilton, '90, 5; Perkins, '91, s; Watriss, '92, 3; Hutchinson, '90, 2; substitutes, G. Keyes, '89 and F. B. Winthrop, '91. Mr. Keyes has been out every day lately to coach.

The crew is still in a barge, rowing a slow stroke, though they have been quickening up the last two days. Yesterday they were rowing perhaps 25 or 26 strokes a minute. The body work of the men is pretty good, though one may be reasonably surprised to see two or three men, notably number 8, kicking their slides out behind them. Very little attention has been paid to the oars. Stroke is markedly slow in catching the water, and number 6 rows his oar out of the water and gets short.

The launch, which was expected out last week, has been found to be nearly ruined. and it is necessary to get a new boiler for her at a considerable expense. It may be possible to find a boiler at second-hand: in case such a one is found the launch will be out within a week. In case it should be necessary to get a new boiler made, it will not be out for three weeks, at least. This delay makes a good deal of difference to the '91 crew, for while the iaunch is not on the river, Winthrop is detained to help carry around the coach for the 'varsity in a pair-oar.

The class crews are doing a good deal of work at present, and generally come in very late. The freshmen went out in the huge English shell, purchased by the '88 university crew. They have been changing the order of the men in the boat a good deal lately. Monday they rowed as follows: Keyes, stroke; Earle, 7; Nelson, 6; Kelton, 5; Vail, 4 davis, 3; Hathaway, 2; Burgess, bow. They seemed to be doing quite well, though of course a freshman crew cannot row a shell on its keel the first few days out.

There is little to say of the other class crews. They all have their faults. The seniors have poor body work but seem to keep their boat moving well. The sophomores have good body work but seem to be rather slow just at present. The juniors are very unsatisfactory. Their boat does not travel at all well, and it stops between the strokes All the crews have new oars throughout.

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