Challenge from Yale.

A Bicycle Team Race.

The following letter has been received from the Yale Athletic Association:

NEW HAVEN, CONN., April 22d, 1890. Mr. W. B. GREENLEAF,

Dear Sir:- The "New Haven Bicycling Club" has offered a handsome prize to be contested for in a team race by Yale and Harvard at the New Haven Club's meeting, to be held at the Elm City Driving Park (the old Hamil ton Park), June 9th, 1890. The conations are. that Harvard and Yale shall enter teams of three men and one substitute (if needed) each. The prize, to be selected at the suggestion of Harvard and Yale, is to be worth between thirty and fifty dollars, that team winning which scores the most points, counting the first, six, second, five, etc. The race is to be a two mile bicycle race on the so-called "ordinary" bicycle. Will you kindly let me know at your earliest convenience, whether or no you will enter a team against Yale under the above-named conditions.

Very sincerely yours,

F. C. WALCOTT.168 Farnam.