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At a recent meeting of the Yale advisory committee the following changes in football playing rules were adopted and sent to the Intercollegiate Association to be considered and acted upon at the meeting in May:

Rule 8-"If the catcher, after making his mark, be deliberately thrown to the ground by an opponent, he shall be given five yards, unless he carries the ball across the goal line."

Rule 12-"Nor shall the disqualified or injured player return to further participation in the game."

Rule 14-Read for Oct. 15, "third Saturday in October."

Rule 17-Add after "shoes," "or any metal substance upon his person."


Rule 24-Add section (C), "If the player, when of side, touches the ball inside the opponents' five-yard line, the ball shall go as a touchback to the opponents."

Rule 34-"If a fair catch be not made, the ball shall go to the opponents at the spot where it first strikes the ground."

The rule regarding "batting the ball" was amended to read "batted in any direction."