Special Notices.

Seats at a general table at Mrs. Morgan is 97 Mt. Auburn St.

Every student should have a BIBLIOGRAPHY. Recommended by instructors. Call and examine them at the Co-operative or Almee's. (1t)

TO LET.- Rooms for students, 3 minutes walk from College. Apply to

C. E. EASTMAN, 4 Arrow Street.Just below Beck Hall.



A few students can find excellent table-board at reasonable rate by applying to Mrs. M. E. Whitman, 776 Main street. 23-2w

The spring styles in woolen goods for men's wear show decided changes from the past few years. The large plaids are gone, and in their place are the quiet check and fine stripes in worsteds, and in cheviots the homespun effects and dog tooth checks are the most popular. The style of cut also show radical changes. Gentlemen who appreciate all the correct points in cut and proportion are invited to order of us, as goods will be cheerfully shown. 10 per cent discount for cash and moderate prices.


LINCOLN, NEB., April 5, 1890. POPE MFG. CO., Boston, Mass.

Gentlemen:- When I purchased a Double Case World I was somewhat sceptical of the typewriter, and had my doubts as to its ability to do the work claimed for it. After three months use I can say it has come ahead of all my expectations, and I find it to be just as represented. It does work equal to any other make, regardless of price, and I am entirely satisfied with it. Can heartily recommend the World to students and for all kinds of literary and commercial work.

Yours very truly,

O. G. MILLER, Business Manager of The Hesperian."