Those men who were not examined last week must be examined this p. m. between 2 and 4, or they will be debarred from competing in tomorrow's games.

E. STURGIS.The following men will be on Jarvis at 3.30 sharp,-Hallowell, Dexter, Waters, Dibblee, Merriam, Manley, Manning, Stevens, Robb, Eearing, Wiggin, Stowe, Day, Collamore, Winsor, Parker, Dinswore.

L. A. FROTHINGHAM.H. A. A.- Entries may be left at 9 Shepherd's block at any time before Monday evening, April 28 at 10.30 p. m. Contestants please state events and class with name. All contestants must be examined by Dr. Sargent.

JOSEPH HOWLAND HUNT, Sec'y H. A. A.ZOOLOGICAL CLUB.- There will be a meeting of the Zoological Club this evening at the Museum. Doors open from 7.15 to 7.30. Papers will be given on Amitosis in the Salamander, by H. P. Johnson; on Epidermal Rods in Turbellarians, by W. M. Woodworth; on Fibres of the Ocular-motor Nerve, by G. H. Parker, and on Development of the Earthworm, by C. B. Davenport.

HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsals every day this week from 1.30 to 2 save Thursday. Thursday at 4.30. Bring Harvard Song Book.

C. J. T. BRUKGGER, Sec'y.