Harvard 78; Chelsea 45.

The cricket eleven played at Chelsea on Saturday and won their second game. The wicket was soft and bumpy, and prevented accurate bowling, while the long grass in the outfield made it difficult to get even two runs, except off boundary hits. Harvard went into the field first, and, as at Somerville, got a wicket on the first ball. They retired Chelsea for 45 runs, allowing only W. L. Martin, who played a careful game, to roll up double figures. For Harvard, Garrett batted best with 23 runs to his credit, while Sallivan and Parker hit well for 14 and 9 respectively. Brown bowled excellently, taking 7 wickets for 21 runs; while Kearney, for Chelsea, took 6 wickets for 12 runs. The fielding of the Harvard eleven was not very clean, especially on ground hits. The score:


Garrett, b. Fraser. 23

Skinner, b. Kearney. 0

Sullivan, b. Kearney. 14


Brown, c. Burgess. 2

Parker, b. Kearney. 9

Balch, run out. 1

Crowninshield, l. b. w., b. Fraser, 1

MacVeagh, b. Fraser. 5

Hewes, b. Kearney. 6

Frost. not out. 4

Davis, b. Kearney. 0

Byes, 8; leg-bye, 1; wides, 4. 13

Total. 78