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Cycling Race Meet.


The first annual open amateur race meet of the Harvard University Cycling Association took place on Holmes field Saturday afternoon. On the whole the meeting was fairly successful, though neither the number of entries nor the quality of the racing were such as to repay the extensive advertisement which the meet had received.

Most of the entries were Harvard men, and all the events except the two last were won by them. Shortly after three o'clock the first and most important race took place,- the two mile ordinary intercollegiate handicap. The competitors were: Kenneth Brown, H. U. C. A., 125 yds.; R. H. Davis, H. U. C. A., scratch; F. A. Delabarre, Amherst, 75 yds.; T. Barron, H. U. C. A., 200 yds; Philip Davis, H. U. C. A., 125 yds. Barron won in 6m. 1 1-2sec. Davis' time was 6.11 2-5.

The one mile ordinary interscholastic, scratch was won handsomely by F. L. Olms ead, Roxbury Latin School. Clough Anderson, Andover, was a good second. Time, 3.04 3 5.

The one mile safety, H. U. C. A., scratch, was won by J. F. Bass, '91, after a most exciting race with A. H. Williams, '91. The four other competitors were freshmen and two of them fell during the race. Time, 3.32.

The first heat of the half mile ordinary, handicap, was won by T. Barror, '91, 50 yds.; second, Jas. Clark, 50 yds.; time, 1.20 1-2. Second heat won by F. L. Olmstead, Roxbury Latin Wheelmen, 50 yds.; second, Philip Davis, 25 yds.; time, 1.21 3-4.

The next race, one mile safety, scratch, was won by R. H. Davis, '91, in 3.10 1-5; second, Hoyland Smith, N. B. C. C. The race proved to be very interesting at the finish. Davis started off with the lead and. unwilling to exert himself, went veryly slow, make the first quarter in 54 seconds. Near the half mile point Smith took the lead, at the same time quickening his pace so that Davis had to ride hard to beat him out. The last quarter was ridden in 40 1-2 seconds.

The final of the half mile ordinary was won by T. Barron, '91, 50 yds., by one length, in 1.20 1-2; second, James Clark, 50 yds. Barron took the lead at the start and kept it throughout, though hard pressed.

The one mile ordinary, scratch, was a walk-over for Ed. C. Anthony; second. P. J. Berlo, Trimount A. C. Time, 2.58 1-2. Anthony won very easily by P. J. Berlo, Trimount A. C., and Frank A. Delabarre, Amherst, stopping in the middle of the race, believing themselves beaten; they started again and had a very sharp race for second place.

By far the most exciting race of the day was the one mile safety, handicap From his performance in the scratch race preceding, it was to be supposed that H. Smith, N. B. C. C., 50 yds., would win readily over R. H. Davis, scratch. At first it looked as if the race was between H. D. Hutchins, 100 yds., and Smith. Davis did not seem to gain much, while Smith readily overtook the leaders. During the third and fourth laps Davis gained steadily and at the end of the third he and Smith passed Hutchins and Drummond. About half way through the fourth lap Davis, riding magnificently, overtook Smith, and took the lead. But the effort seemed too great for him; Smith, by a good spurt, passed him again and led a hundred yards from the finish by two lengths. But Davis had some strength left, and making a tremendous spurt went ahead again and won by about five feet in 2.54 3 4. At the finish all the spectators sprang to their feet and applauded loudly.

The one mile tandem safety, handicap, was won by P. J. Berlo, Trimount A. C., and E. A. Bailey, formerly of Harvard, with considerable ease. They were scratch. T. Barron, '91, and J. F. Bass, '91, were third, and Kenneth Brown, '91, and Philip Davis, '93, were second. Time, 2.59 1-2.

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