PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal at 7 o'clock promptly.

C. K. BENNETT.CONFERENCE FRANCAISE.- There will be a rehearsal this afternoon at 4 o'clock in Brattle Hall.

FOUND.- In Sever 11, an octagonal stylographic pen in a leather pocket.

L. B. R. BRIGGS.LOST.- In the yard some time last week, a pair of spectacles. Please leave at 3 Holworthy, or send address.

ELECTRIC CLUB.- Important meeting this evening. There will be a paper on the Storage Battery.


H. S. WILKINSON, Sec'y.HARVARD NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY.- The photograph will be taken today at 1.30 p. m.

COLLIER COBB, Sec'y.HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- There will be a very important shoot this afternoon candidates for the team. All who can will please present themselves.