Scrub Nines.

Eleven scrub nines have already entered for the scrub championship and a few more are expected to enter today-the final date of entry having been postponed from last night to tonight. The members of all the nines have never played on any class or 'varsity nines, and the object of the baseball management in getting up the series is to develop good material for future 'varsity nines. Owing to the large number of teams entered, it will be impracticable for each nine to play with every other nine; some other arrangement will have to be made, so that the series can be finished before Class Day. The teams which have already entered, with their captains, are:

"Hoodoos," S. C. Hoppin, '93.

"Delta U," Willard Reed, '91.

"Table 1," L. M. Abbott, L. S.-, H. Hutchinson, '93.

"Waverlys," P. Van Du Zee, '90.-, Morrill Dunn, '93.


"Gasolines," Garceau, '91.

"Volunteers," S. Paine, '90.-, E. H. Childs, '92.

"DAILY CRIMSON," T. W. Lamont, '92, "Foxcroft," G. D. Bussey, '91.