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Special Notices.


TUTORING in History 13 and 17. All kinds of writing and type-writing done at short notice. Preparation for the college examinations during the summe months.

CLARENCE A. BRODEUR, '87, 14 Hollis.TUTORING in Fine Arts IV, Philosophy XI, History XII, Pol. Econ, IV, English XV.

WILLIAM W. NOLEN, 6 Little's Block.m24 18t

TUTORING in Physics A a specialty. Seminar the night before the examination, at 45 Holyoke.

EDWARD H. KIDDER, 57 C.LOUIS L. HOOPER, 45 H'ke.je13 6t.

PHYSICS A.- I shall give two seminars in this course on the evenings of June 19th and 20th. All who wish to attend will please send me their names. Also tutoring in the course.

M. L. BRUUER, 63 College House.je13 6t.

AN experienced tutor in History 1 and 17, N. H. 4 and Physics A.

W. J. BOWEN, 32 Hollis.my18 4w

FOR SALE.- A very fine dress suit at a bargain-silk and satin lined-made by a leading Boston tailor and worn but twice. Apply to J. H. B., 101 Norfolk St., Cambridgeport.

je13 1t

LOST-On Holmes Field, Saturday, a Boston and Albany R. R. 100-ride commutation ticket (No. 3105) between Newton Centre and Boston. Will the finder please return it to W. F. WOODMAN, News Depot, Newton Centre, and receive reward.

POWERS, the Class Day decorator, has a fine reputation in his line of business. Seniors would do well to consult him at once. He is recommended very highly.

JUST RECEIVED, fine line English White Flannel Suits, English Stripe Blazers, English Stripe Pants, English Stripe Silk Belts, at James W. Brine's, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

WANTED.- All kinds of Gents' cast-off Clothing, Boots and Shoes. Highest cash prices paid. We make a specialty of cleaning, repairing, pressing and dyeing all kinds of Gent's Clothing. Call or send postal to WILLIAM H. BROWN, 465 Main Street, Cambridge port. All orders promptly attended to.

je7 6t eod

CAMP CHAIRS to let for all occasions, cheap, at LEE L. POWERS', 30 Boylston street.


JAMES W. BRINE, 436 Harvard St., has the finest assortment of 4-in-hands and Windsors in the city for 50 cents. Also a full line of wash ties in plain white and embroidered.


STRIPE FLANNEL CAPS 75 cents, at Lames W. Brine's.

STUDENTS desiring to purchase highclass Hosiery and Underwear in natural lamb's wool (summer weight), White Merino and French Balbriggan, can do so at JAMES W. BRINE'S, 436 Harvard street.


SERGE CAPS $1.00 at James W. Brine's, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

HARVARD students wanting their clothes cleansed and repaired will do well to try the French Dry Cleansing process. Clothes cleansed and pressed in 3 days notice. Dress Suits cleansed and pressed.

J. B. BRINE, 8 Boylston St., Cambridge, next to post office.Laundry office.

FINE LINE French Flannel Shirts at James W. Brine's.

TO STUDENTS.- Five hundred pairs of English Tennis Shoes, 500 pairs Gymnasium Shoes, 1000 pairs of Tennis Pants, all color stripes; 1000 striped Tennis Coats and Caps; Tennis Shirts, Tennis Belts, Pants, Coats and Capes. Co-operative prices.

J. B. BRINE, 8 Boylston street, Cambridge.ENGLISH and American School Suits at J. W. Brine's.

TROY LAUNDRY.- James W. Brine, 436 Harvard street, is the only agent in Cambridge for the original Troy Laundry. Laundry work called for and delivered.


AWNINGS MADE AND PUT UP by LEE L. POWERS, Read's Building, at greatly reduced prices.


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